Corporate photography

Corporate photography

Corporate photography is provided by P3A Studio, and we offer the best corporate photography services in Delhi. We work with small-scale industries to large industrial houses and corporations ranging from Textile Mills, Wind Mills, Power Generation Plants, Steel Plants, Scientific Industry, Laboratory Photography, Food and Pulses Industry, and others. For a long time, corporate photography was synonymous with handshakes and smiling businesspeople. Although several businesses have wisely stepped away from this, corporate imagery of this style is still prevalent. However, times are changing. Customers value personality and individuality just as much as professionalism. Custom photography is used by companies who are aware of this to help capture the personality of the business as a whole and of their employees. They're accomplishing this by collaborating with a talented corporate photographer like us.

Headshot photography

Headshot photography is significant, but you’ll notice the same boring pose all over the web and in brochures: A three-quarter view of the individual with a solid backdrop, taken from around chest level (usually gray or blue). Nothing says stiff, dull, and unimaginative like this shot. Although some may argue that the culture of certain types of businesses, such as law firms, necessitates this more conventional picture, it is still possible to combine the traditional and modern. Instead of using the same poses for all, consider using more realistic poses. A more modern and innovative look may be ideal if your company isn’t conventional. Relaxed office environments, unusual angles, or even a shot of an employee at work are all possibilities. The most important thing to note about headshots is to keep them suitable for the type of business and to ensure that the picture makes a positive first impression on your customers.

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