How to look fabulous in every photo.
How to look fabulous in every photo.

In these times of social media, where we are surrounded by cameras. We want to capture every good moment of us, be it in office parties, family functions or friend’s get together, every time we want to click good pictures. But, sometimes even after making all efforts, we don’t look good in photos. We all understand that discomfort when we don’t get that picture-perfect even after so many clicks. 

Here are a few hacks through which you can click that picture-perfect. 

1.) Know Yourself. 

Go back and observe those photos in which you looked perfect, understand what pose you were making in those photos. Observe the angle shots and which poses suit you more.

By this same procedure observe all those photos which you dislike. understand what went wrong in these photos and try not to do the same thing next time. 

For instance, you may have the habit of blinking in the photos or your double chin may have looked unpleasant, try to avoid these things in future. 

In the same way, your right-side profile may have looked better than your left side profile and vice versa. 

Try these poses in front of the mirror also and observe what is good for you. And, the next time when your friend takes a selfie, you know what is your best Avtar and just imitate what you have learned through your old photographs and practise. 

2. Find the perfect attire. 

Your dress is an important ingredient of the photograph; choose the right dress code according to the circumstances. 

One particular dress may look good somewhere but, it will not look so great in another place, so choose the relevant dress according to the frame. 

for instance, in a Diwali party frame, everyone is wearing an ethnic kurta and; someone wearing formal clothes in the same frame may look absurd.

similarly, you’re in the mountains enjoying vacations with your friend and in a frame where all your friends are wearing casuals and you’re in ethnics, the frame will look weird. ‘

So, clothes are not important but choosing the right clothes for the right frame is important.

The other factors to be kept in mind are, give life to your hairstyle, before clicking picture set your hairstyle. Get the makeup done and make your face look fresh and energetic. Choose a suitable background and always try to be in the centre of the frame. You can also use filters to enhance the beauty of the photograph. 

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